• About us
    SCDC is designated BSAC branch number 1097, and was formed in 1979. It organizes dives regularly throughout the year - Hong Kong diving is often better than people think, with many unusual and interesting things to keep you interested.

    SCDC provides an opportunity for people who enjoy diving to get together and dive, talk, eat, drink and be merry. Since it is a non-profit making organization, it is able to run weekend dives for Club members more cheaply than Hong Kong's commercial ventures. Our instructors are not paid to teach, as they will repeatedly remind you, instead they give up their time for the love of the sport. The weekly dives are well attended, particularly during the Summer. In addition there are regular social events throughout the year, ranging from a quiz night to a bowling night and a tram party. Finally our Christmas party is one of the lowlights of the Hong Kong social scene.
  • What we do
    We meet every Thursday night in the 2/F bar at the Aberdeen Boat Club from around 8:00 pm [no mobile phones please]. See 'Contact Us' for a map. Training is held in a variety of locations, including the Aberdeen Boat Club pool and at Island School.

    We welcome divers from other agencies. As a BSAC Branch we are governed by BSAC rules, and our dives are conducted according to BSAC regulations. Divers from other agencies can join our branch and their current qualification will be converted to the equivalent BSAC diving grade. A guide to this simple process is on the BSAC website here.

    If you would like to know more about being our guest for a dive, please contact any member of the committee, or drop us a line.
  • Contact us

  • Email:

    Postal Address:
    GPO Box 11987, Hong Kong.

    Meeting point:
    2/F Bar Aberdeen Boat Club
    20 Shum Wan Road,
    Hong Kong
  • FAQ
    Question: How do I join SCDC?
    Answer: Come along to our Thursday evening drinks to meet everyone, and if you like what you see, fill in the forms (.pdf) and give them to our Secretary or any other member of the committee.

    Question: What does it cost to join?
    Answer: SCDC charges HK$400/quarter for membership; you must also be a current member of BSAC (individual adult membership £55.50/year, further options here).

    Question: How much does it cost to dive?
    Answer: Diving members will normally pay a HK$200 boat fee and HK$75 per cylinder (total HK$350 for a normal 2 dive trip). For trips on Tail Chasers' boat (for slightly longer range trips) the boat fee is HK$250.

    Question: Where do you dive from?
    Answer: Our trips usually leave from one of three locations - Aberdeen Boat Club; the public pier at Pak Sha Wan (Hebe Haven); and the public pier at Tso Wo Hang in Sai Kung. For dives leaving from Pak Sha Wan and Tso Wo Hang, the DM can arrange for minibus transport to and from Central.

    Question: Do you offer training?
    Answer: Yes, we do! We are a regular BSAC club, with several members who are instructors. We try to tailor our training to the needs of our current members, and our Training Officer is always happy to take requests. We try to run a Sports Diver course every year, and this year are also running a Dive Leader course. We have also run courses for Nitrox diving, Trimix diving, First Aid, Oxygen administration, and many more. If you are interesting in exploring further, come along on a Thursday and have a chat, or drop us a line.

    Question: I have a PADI qualification, can I still join the club?
    Answer: Yes, you can still join, and we encourage you to do so! But, you must also be a current BSAC member (this ensures you are covered by the BSAC 3rd party liability insurance). Don't worry if you have trained with PADI or another organization, we will cross you over to the BSAC system at the nearest appropriate qualification.

    Question: Do you dive abroad?
    Answer: There are usually a couple of diving trips abroad each year. These are not 'official' club trips, but are arranged by club members and are open to any club members wishing to go along.

    Question: Do I need my own equipment?
    Answer: Yes, you do! We have club cylinders and weights, but you will need your own personal dive gear.
    Note: every diver must have their own Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB).

  • Our Committee
  • Andy Carter
  • Members' Member
  • Rob Christie
  • Diving Officer
  • Mark Kelly
  • Expeditions Officer
  • Andy Niven
  • Training Officer
  • Mike Belshaw
  • Equipment Officer
  • W.H.Tam
  • Secretary
  • Jo Roberts
  • Treasurer
  • Chris Roberts
  • Social Secretary
  • Rhonda Coleman
  • Webmaster
  • Jennifer Du Wei