Dive Saturday: 10/8/2019 Ping Min Chau

Well what a dive day that was! Yet it started out so normal, except it was a Saturday, not a Sunday. Missing were a few faces too, but we ploughed on anyway, led by our outstanding Dive Manager, James. Now James is obviously very adept at allowing others in the group to feel they have a hand in proceedings, as he suggested Trio as a destination knowing full well that someone would step up and suggest Ping Min Chau as an alternative. Genius! On cue, up stepped Alex and off to Ping Min Chau we chugged. We had 12 divers on board in a broad spectrum of thermal protection, from 5+2mm down to Marcus in shorts and rash / tee. Mind you, Marcus is Scandinavian so would have been happy diving in his s

Waglan at Last!

Its Sunday morning and its dive time! After 3 weeks holidaying in Europe my eyes have enjoyed some wide angle focusing on objects more than 20m away. Some good HK diving visibility will help reset my close focus for sure. With calm conditions forecast DM Alex has been promising a trip to Waglan Island, a destination that has been tried several times but never reached by this author so I was happy. As gear and tanks were gathered on the dock a 90ft Sunseeker muscled in allowing the team a close evaluation of its suitability as a dive boat and praising the DM on this excellent choice. Sadly it was not to be, and having picked up it’s guests, “how the other half dive” departed to reveal our tru

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