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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late submission of this week's NL. The beginning of this week turned out a bit turbulent...

Saturday's Dive ex Sai Kung with the DA Boat was a full-on success with a great boat, crew and group of divers, very good viz and lots of exciting stories to tell of encounters with vicious clown fish, the mighty thorny sea urchin and serious injuries caused by that dangerous creature, leaving one of our men with a fully blown up hand covered nicely with purple coloured blisters as the story goes... you know men when they are injured... it's a tough life!! Not to mention mask squeeze injuries to another suspect and other people falling due to lack of control for balance...

Other than that this week's NL will be kept short. The Dive Schedule will be quite blank for the month of October, as the club will be traveling to Malapascua for this year's club dive trip, woohoo!!! Less than 1,5 weeks to go guys!! Next scheduled dive is currently planned as PAYG ex Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung on Oct 23rd. We'll brief you on that when the date comes closer.

In the meantime, with next week's NL we'll try to bring you more detailed info regarding our up-coming dive camp on 12th/13th Nov, as time is getting closer, so everyone can get prepared.

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See you on tomorrow at ABC! See you on Thursday at ABC!


  • It is Club policy that all divers must carry a DSMB on Club dives.

  • Anyone whose name is on the list at 10:30pm on Thursday evening prior to the dive will be charged the boat fee and for any tanks/equipment they have ordered.

  • All divers must also have their proof of qualification and dive log with them for possible inspection by the DM in order to be able to dive.

  • It is Club policy that we must have fun!


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