Mike B 

(DO - Diving Officer)

Complacency Kills.

"Complacency kills." The title is one of my favourite sayings which I use as a reminder every time I go diving. It is appropriate to be reminded of this phrase as we jump start the dive season because you might be a bit rusty and your gear hasn’t seen day-light for months. If you do not spend time preparing for your dives, visualization of the dives and preparing your equipment, there’s more chance something can go wrong. 

The Club Committee has asked me, the Diving Officer, to pen some reminders which I hope you will find useful. So here is a list of things I have seen, experienced or heard about so far in 2020: 

Which leads on to the final point and conclusion, SCDC is a club were everyone helps each other to enjoy diving following safe dive practices. Don’t hesitate to help others, participate whenever you can, continue to have an open mind to learn to be better divers, but remember complacency kills.

May, 2020

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