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Diving with BSAC is all about creating a relaxed learning and fun environment where members can work towards any dive level at their own pace plus we are able to introduce any skill development course on demand as required.


Many of our members are also qualified with various agencies around the world and we welcome any diver from any agency as there are easy crossovers to cover all diver grades as well as instructor ratings. 

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We also organise dive camp weekends which are essentially a fun weekend usually based around a particular theme on a nice beach where we can also incorporate some training and skill development course work as well.


Over the years we have not only built up a huge range of local dive site information but we also have a very extensive knowledge of dive sites and destinations around the world including, Puerta Galera, Anilao, Malapascua, Tubataha, Coron, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Truk, Yap, Palau, Okinawa, Thailand, Similans, Maldives, East Timor,  Mexico, New Zealand, Christmas island and the UK.  And we’re always looking for a new destination to visit.


SCDC is open to all qualified divers and aspiring divers who reside in Hong Kong.


Joining SCDC will provide you with the following benefits:


  • Regularly scheduled diving opportunities in Hong Kong.

  • Access to training and skill development courses led by certified BSAC instructors.

  • Third-party liability insurance coverage on any scheduled Club dive.

  • Access to a community and network of divers in Hong Kong and across Asia.

  • Regular information, updates and offers from BSAC as well as dive operators across the Asia region.

  • Regular social events which include a weekly gathering on Thursday nights plus parties, charity events and other recreation organised by our members.


SCDC is dedicated to making diving affordable and accessible to dedicated divers.


Costs of joining SCDC are as follows (in Hong Kong dollars):


  • Annual SCDC subscription: HKD1600 (Login/Renew/Enroll)

  • Annual BSAC subscription: see here for BSAC membership charges

  • All SCDC members are required to join BSAC. For more information on BSAC, please visit their website and click "join online" or follow the step by step in our "guide"


Diving Costs

The cost of a day of diving with SCDC are as follows:

  • Large Boat Fee: HKD500 or Small Boat Fee: HKD600

  • Transportation by van to the piers around Sai Kung: Around HKD250-300 each way and shared among the number of people in the van.


Diving expeditions generally offer opportunities for two dives, may be from a large or small boat depending on start point and normally depart from Sai Kung, Tai Po or Aberdeen depending on the intended dive site.


Members are expected to bring their own equipment or take care of arrangements to hire equipment separately.  We can advise on shop hire.


Training & Skill Development Costs

Training costs vary but are kept "at cost" so that no member pays more than the actual cost of delivering the training. All instructors donate their time free or charge to the Club which helps to minimise the overall costs of training for our members.


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