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We run BSAC courses throughout the year. The courses are all not-for-profit and are intentionally priced to encourage new members to join and experienced divers to continue to develop and increase their diving skills. Courses range from entry level to advanced topics and are available at cost to all our BSAC members.  Cost is defined by inclusion of: all learning materials, air, equipment hire cost and any entry to dive facilities.


Our club members have a very broad and varied knowledge of and enjoy all types of diving.  We also have 20 instructors who are qualified to teach all BSAC levels of club diving from BSAC Ocean diver upwards as well as the majority of the BSAC skill development courses including Buoyancy & Trim, Oxygen Administation, Nitrox, Rescue Management, Boat Handling, Chartwork as well as some of the more technical aspects of diving such a Mixed gas (Trimix), Wreck Appreciation, Twinsets and Sidemounts.

If you are already a qualified diver through a different agency its very simple to cross over as all agencies recognise each others qualifications and BSAC publish a "Statement of Alternative Training" table which shows where your agency's grades fit into the BSAC programmes.  You can just sign up to a training course, offered by South China Diving Club and we'll take you on to the equivalent BSAC level or onto the next grade if that’s what you’d like to do.




We have 20 qualified Open Water Instructors in the club including 4 Advanced Instructors which includes providing technical diving and boat handling skill development courses and qualifications. 

This provides students with a wealth of knowledge to draw from and it also means that instructing in the club can be shared across a broad base of experience.

All our instructors are volunteers and invest their time teaching diving as they’re passionate about the sport, enjoy teaching and get satisfaction from introducing people to a new and amazing environment and are also able to help them become more confident and capable divers.

We welcome instructors from other agencies to join us and the crossover is only a one day course.

Our Instructors
The BSAC entry level course is Ocean Diver and the programme can be found here.


The Ocean Diver course is comprises 6 evenings of classroom and pool sessions plus 4 open water days in sheltered open water sites.

When we schedule the course, we will discuss your availability and put together a schedule that works for everyone.

Ocean Diver provides the basic building blocks for all future diving levels including Sports Diver and Diver Leader which we can also provide training for.


Learn To Dive
20181020 alex_50.jpeg
If you are already qualified you can start diving with us straight away (after becoming club and BSAC members). If you have not been diving for a while we advise doing some refresher dives and/or course work which is also a great way to brush up on your skills.


South China Diving Club run BSAC Dive Leader and Advanced Diver Training that are suitable crossover options for PADI Rescue Divers and Dive Master or similar. Many of the more experienced divers who join us like to add skills development courses such as oxygen administration, first aid and perfect buoyancy and trim.

We can also provide nitrox and normoxic trimix technical courses.


Sports Diver

Sports Diver covers the rescue skills covered in courses such as PADI Rescue Diver plus the use of more advanced equipment and techniques. This includes:

  • Understanding diving conditions, planning and leading dives

  • Deeper diving

  • Decompression diving

  • Use of delayed surface marker buoys, distance lines and shot lines

  • Nitrox (oxygen enhanced air) up to 36% (to extend bottom times and/or minimise decompression times)

  • Diver rescue: includes - Alternative air sources, Panic management, Controlled buoyant lifts, In-water resuscitation and towing, De-kitting and recovery of injured divers and Surface resuscitation.


Typically classroom lessons and pool sessions run over six weeks in the evenings, though sometimes we arrange extra sessions at weekends. After completing five open water training dives successfully you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 35m after you build up additional open water experience.


The total cost of Sports Diver Pool & Theory to new members is approximately HKD1500.  This includes training materials, qualification book and share of pool hire costs.  

Additional costs are the BSAC annual membership (see here BSAC rates) and an SCDC annual membership fee of HKD1600.

The cost of the open water training will vary depending on which sites are chosen and which dive boat is used.


Already A Diver?
In BSAC training many of the skills such as rescue and Nitrox are integrated into the various diver grades but there are many additional skill development courses members can do, including:
  • Dry suit training (on demand)

  • Dive planning and management

  • Twinset and Accelerated decompression procedures

  • Practical rescue management

  • Oxygen administration

  • Chartwork and position fixing

  • First Aid for Divers

  • Boat Handling

  • Instructor training


We encourage experienced Sports Divers to do a weekend Instructor Foundation Course as this really increases individual skills, is great fun to do and and provides the first step to becoming an instructor.  Even if you don’t want to become an instructor it gives an insight into what’s involved and a greater appreciation of how people learn.

Find the full list of the BSAC skill development courses here.




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