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22/8/16 Diving at Tai Po Gas Station

Gassing off

Diving Tai Po – Town gas terminal. Industrial diving is ahead of the curve, the ultra new dive sensation sweeping Hong Kong. Fed up with a few lumps of broken coral, uninteresting wrecks, ancient artifacts, then this is the dive for you. The water at the surface is a bit brown and lumpy, it is only a few miles from one of the largest water treatment facilities in Hong Kong. Visibility is probably about the length of a respectable jobby for the first 3 metres, but underneath it’s completely different. The viz went to about 5 metres and there was clear green/blue water. The legs are covered in barnacles with zinc sacrificial anodes at around 5 metres. The jetty legs hit the bottom around 11 metres with huge beds of green lipped muscles covering the floor. The seaward side is dredged and the bottom drops off steeply into a hole. There is the odd valve and pipe chucked in and an old fishing net. Between the legs are large shoals of small fish in the thousands. You cant see the bottom for small fish. The odd shy big fish and some spotty pomfret things, Scaderous scaberous or some such name are among the legs. With a questionable location and start to the dive it is well worth a shot, if the outside is poor or lunch is more critical than a Mirs Bay dive, this is different. Don’t get caught, the police may bludgeon you with a blunt excrement.

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