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And the Survey says……

Sunday saw the keen and foolish standing on the beach at Artillery ramp looking at some string, then measure it, then measuring from it. Using String theory we were able link Quantum Gravity with Quantum Mechanics and incorporate gravity into the quantum Mechanical equation. This was all in aid of a dry and wet run practice to lay a base-line to measure of artifacts on next weeks Canon dive. We were able to determine that Mark had placed his kit on top of a dog mine and it measured 1.32 metres from the base line and 2.85 metres along the base line. The mine had been laid using a combination of gravity and a lazy dog owner. Discussions on the best method lasted a while before we got in the water. The wet exercise started when Mike had finally finished whatever faff he was engaged in.

So we dropped down, tide off on a rock and deployed an DSMB. A base line was run for 30 metres north and again tied off and an DSMB was deployed. A tape was then reeled along the base line. Measuring tape rules. Italian shore cover watched in anticipation as 5 divers surfaced and discussed the ballet –like exercise. After measuring off the distance from a few rocks, we collected our string and buoys and went for a look at the cages. Alex later read the guidance book on surveying and added some amendments to our plan… ahem

The cages had big bunches of squid eggs and a few fish about. Most fish must have stayed in doors as it was 17 degrees. Rob braved the water in a wetsuit, whereas the rest of us were in fur coats. We saw a small box fish and headed back inshore. We had another demonstration of a 20 minute download on the drone again. We were hoping a red kite would take it out but it landed again safely. The visability was good on Sunday, around 5 metres. We are ready for the real job next week, or soon will be. Volunteers are welcome to help. Island Junks – ABC next Sunday. Men and Women at work, site survey, be there.

More photos here...

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