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The South China Diving Club is delighted to unveil its new mission and vision statements:


To promote scuba diving in Hong Kong through diver development, social events and a commitment to fun, safety and environmental awareness.


Inspiring divers to explore and protect our ocean.

For the first time, both statements are available in Chinese


透過技術培養、 聯誼活動,以及符合





The Process

The new statements are part of an effort to refresh the club's branding ahead of our 40th anniversary in 2019. They were developed by a working group comprising Alex Grioni, Andy Niven, Chris Roberts, Maddy Prout, W.H. Tam and Chris Dillon. Chinese-language support was provided by Dan Sun, Eppie Kwok, Wing Tsui and W.H. Tam.

We started by defining what the statements should do, agreeing that the mission statement explains the reason the club exists, while the vision is our future, aspirational state.

Next, we compiled a list of words that we associate with the club, and combined words — like "social" and "friends" — where there was conceptual overlap. After ranking the words in order of importance, we produced a series of draft statements that were vigorously debated.

Our goal was to produce slogans that are precise, self-explanatory and as concise as possible. The statements were endorsed by the club's executive committee on September 6, 2018.

And, in case you were wondering, "scuba" is in fact lowercase and there is only one ocean.

(New website homepage here)

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