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Diving in Coron, Philippines

Looking at the photos I took in Coron, the Philippines, all of sudden, the long flying hours seemed worth it.

Hong Kong - Manila - Cebu - Coron, after 3 legs and 15 hours, the first thing we did was gearing up and headed out to ocean. Ambitious photographers wasted no time, setting, shooting, viewing and editing - in and out of water, it was almost robotic instead of being "recreational".

What I enjoyed the most , was hanging out with other photographers who shared the same passion. From sharing tips and ideas, to even lens and lights, it was definitely this community that boosted the quality of my photos - just compare yourself for the homework #3 and #4 :P).

In a blink, 4 days and 12 dives have gone by. We wrapped up with a perfect dive with a Dugong - how rare is that. The brightest tropical sun penetrated into the Tiffany blue water, and landed on the silky white sand bottom - the gentle giant was chewing grass, regardless of all the divers around, like a vacuum cleaner, only goofier. If you are ever in Coron, I am telling you, 5 hours single way boat trip to see this guy, is totally worth it!

Here are some photos to share with you. Enjoy and happy diving!

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