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The last dive of the year and farewell

It has been a few years since we joined although it has been said it feels like a lifetime. Back in November 2012 we turned up on a Thursday to meet the Club. Introduction into “The Branch” (Davidians) 1097 dive cult was swift. The traditional black rubber, correct routing of hoses, restraints, Thursday drinking sessions and “training” in all things aquatic. More Merman than Mormon, indoctrination was by degrees, almost Maisesonic but more corny. Before long we were diving in 50 shades of brown, any temperature anywhere. Dressing up for an annual pilgrimage to the “Bay of Clowns” we would ritually burn meat and be washed by the tide under the influence. Not happy with the word of the Club being confined to Hong Kong, there were trips to the Philippines, Crabby Island, and Malardpasque. Animals were blinded with lights, livers were tested and huge cameras were carried and pointed. The word of the Club spread and more disciples joined.

It has been a fantastic few years. Social activity and events all in one place. What else would you want? Why would “Johnny” foreigner want to join a British dive Club? Because we don't care who you are, what you do, if you like diving and an occasional drink, this is the place to be. Alas, all good things come to an end and we will be heading to the far reaches of the Western Isles. A place where visibility can be fantastic, where the sun shines at least 5 days every year and where ferocious tides are banned. A place where there is an encyclopedic knowledge of the reproductive system of the most obscure animals in the word. Stridulation by water-boatmen, the echidna or more recently the antics of the newly discovered Neotrogla.

It was standing room only on the boat. The dive to Po Toi was surprisingly good underwater. There were no repeat 50th dive antics of Whisky Bay and chocolate bottom. One dive and food with a score of “jocks”. Drink flowed and the music blared. It was a fantastic day and send off. Thank you all.

If you feel the need to visit, this is us (we have a drinks licence): and

The UK Mobile number is +44 07845811427

Go well, we will miss you all

Chris, Jo & Alex

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