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12th January 2020 – SCDC 1st Dive of 2020 in Sai Kung

A group of SCDC hardcore divers including:

1st challenge: Traffic – nearly all big public events have been cancelled these days in HK, but not today’s HK Streetathon 2020. So we were ½ hr behind schedule.


1st dive we went to Basalt. Water temperature 19 deg C. Winter underwater scene is quite different, better visibility, lots of floating bits hanging mid-water, seaweeds, corals and marine life. We saw big puffer fish, morel eel, seaapple.

Without Bomb detector, Mike and Cath found the bomb again. (Background story: in 2013 Cath and Mike found it and reported to Marine police, and went to search with special police force team, didn’t find it, and its turned up again!)

Saved a Box Fish caught in an old ghost net, Cath managed to release the little cute friend.


2nd dive – Bluff island, saw banded cleaner shrimp and puffer fish, Maddy saw more fish near the rocks.


Result: Wet suit Aurelien accomplished 2 dives, thumbs up, Maddy was wet in her drysuit and broken mask, Cath ripped off neck seal (luckily after the diving), Stu didn’t find his treasure, so gave up on 2nd dive, Mike’s survived 2 dives.

Conclusion: A Great SCDC 1st dive in 2020.

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