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SCDC Christmas Party - Dec 7, 2019

(Photo courtesy: Anna Shapiro, a SCDC active member)

When it came time to plan the 2019 Christmas party, everyone agreed that we needed to keep it low key. After having gone bananas on 40th celebrations in May, the club was still a bit hungover and needed to kick back with a low key party.

We returned to the Middle Island facility of the Aberdeen Boat Club for a traditional lamb roast served out on the veranda. Despite the chilly weather of December, we always enjoy this venue due to the amount of space it offers, the quiet atmosphere and view, and the great service offered by ABC. The weather proved to be perfect this year, with a bit of a chill to remind us of the season but not so much as to be nail biting.

About 40 members and guests joined for the party, which was enough to keep the energy level high and the drinks flowing freely. After some initial mingling and opening of various bottles of wines and spirits, the lamb buffet was opened to a ravenous crowd that gobbled up most of the items being service.

Once appetites were pleased, the highlight of the evening is the annual presentation of the Ad-Hoc Trophy Award with is bestowed upon the member who has gone beyond expectations or belief for the service to diving. It was a difficult race this year, as there were many people who put in significant effort in organizing the anniversary parties and events. But there was no dispute that the person who made the most impact was Dan Sun who, with her sense of marketing and merchandising, had taken the new logo of the club and transformed it into a sports apparel icon. Watch out Nike, ‘cause here we come!

The only drawback to the evening on Middle Island is that there is a set departure time of 11pm when the boat departs back for shore. Never a team to miss an opportunity to be rowdy on a boat, James led the party in a sing-a-long to Neil Diamond’s classic song, ‘Sweet Caroline’ with slightly altered lyrics describing the intoxication of the moment.

For those who hadn’t yet had enough, a final night cap at the Waglan Bar was a fitting end to the evening. And for everyone in the club, a wonderful end to a great year of diving and festivities that we hope can be matched in 2020!

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