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Andy N: Komodo 2012 & Truk Lagoon 2006

Author: Andy N

With all the recent socialising restrictions I’ve have been going through old hard drives and finding movies from club trips so here’s Komodo and Truk.

KOMODO (Bali) 2012

The 2012 Komodo trip was my first time using the Canon S100 (point&shoot 24-120mm) in the Canon housing. Having been used to driving the massive 15kg video rig through the water like a battleship It was brilliant to be able to easily swim around with just a small lightweight box AND be able to shoot stills as well!

I didn’t have any plate or handle, just generally waved it around in the general direction of what I was trying shoot. All shots taken are just natural ambient light, no strobes or video lights. For the night dive I had a small single led torch in my left hand and the housing in my right and swam around in the pitch dark pointing at things and hoping:)

We transited through Bali on the way back to Hong Kong so I stayed over for an extra days diving around the Liberty wreck on the North East side so any shots with black sand are from those dives.

Music by :

Track 1 - The XX Intro

Track 2 - Afro Celt System Colossus

Track 3 - Afro Celt Sound System Lagan

Still images - slide right for the rest of the gallery



For Truk we were based on the SS Thorfinn which was originally an 1954 Norwegian ice class whaler. She had been upgraded several times over the years to eventually being fitted out as a diving live aboard and had just taken delivery off two brand new fast tenders so we could split the two groups according to experience and dive type as we had different diver qualifications/experience levels using a mix of singles, twins, sidemount and rebreathers.

We arrived in February 2006 62 years after Operation Hailston where the Americans sank over 40 Japanese ships in 1944 in the massive lagoon which is now a wreck divers mecca.

The first minute or two of the video is using WW2 footage to illustrate what actually happened there and how the ships became wrecks in the first place.

When watching please appreciate the year it was done, the technology available, that its just a fun club video not a documentary and that some of the commentary and music are only relevant to that particular period and the people who were there:)

Music by :

Track 1 - Foo Fighters In your Honour

Track 2 - Da Pump Noise

Track 3 - William Orbit Surfin

Track 4 - Blink 182 Stockholm Syndrome

Track 6 - Chumbawumba Tubthumping

Track 6 - William Orbit Sea Green

Track 7 - BBC Sport Grandstand

Track 9 - One Dove White love

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