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Basalt Island Club Dive Photo Exhibition - May 23, 2020

This week, we collected the photos from all the talented underwater photographers to present the highlights of of their dives. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Andy N, shoot with Galaxy note8

Andy: "All here are a few images from yesterday from the Galaxy note8 and the Diveroid housing. Didn't have any issues underwater but trying to download them wasn't straight forward plus a lot came over in square format so screwing up a lot of the compositions and I couldn't find a way to download the videos. Probably just me so will be looking into that with the Diveroid. But for a first attempt I think it's pretty promising. Note: the image quality is dependent on your phone's quality and capability so if anyone thinking to try out this route choose a phone with best camera and video functions. Note: Used 2 video lights. The setup doesn't allow for strobes. Can't shoot raw (unless your phone can) or add any lenses to the housing. All photos originally 2-3mb jpegs."


Photo credit (above): Simon C


Photo credit (above): Jordi L


Photo credit (above): Chris D


Photo credit (above): Mike B


Photo credit (above): Dan Sun

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