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San Mun Tsai Small Boat Dive Report - Feb 22, 2020

Author: Markus R

Divers: Cath C, Mike B, Dan S, Markus


Dive #1: Hong Kong, Pak Sha Chau (from San Mun Tsai)

7,6m / 58min / 18°C

Camera: Macro

Visibility: 3-4m (island south side) - thick layer of turbid water on the west side of the island

Species encountered: nudibranch, filefish, stone/scorpionfish, anemone, lionfish, sea urchins

Setup: mono 12l Air


Dive #2 Hong Kong, Dragon Teeth (from San Mun Tsai)

17m / 61min / 18°C)

Camera: Macro

Visibility: Exceptional good visibility for HK waters (5-6m+) in the sheltered area. On the outside of the bay in the deeper areas the visibility dropped to 1m caused by a current. Surges of 3-4m (only around the point) prominent down to a depth of 8m.

Species encountered: nudibranchs, sea urchins, lionfish, anemones (Scleractinia), coral (Goniopora), slimefish, goby

Setup: mono 12l Air


Below photos by Markus

Below photos by Cath C & Mike B

Below photos by Dan S

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