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HK Maritime Museum Photo Exhibition

Photo: HK Maritime Museum

One Man's Legacy: Lee Fook Chee's 1950s Hong Kong Photographs

8 October (Saturday) | 16:00-17:00(English) Edward Stokes Founder and Publisher, the Photographic Heritage Foundation Lee Fook Chee, a young seaman, arrived in Hong Kong in 1947. Having faced hard growing up years in Singapore, like many immigrants Lee possessed a gritty resolve. He epitomized Hong Kong's "can do" spirit of the times. Lee's 1950s photographs, unknown until recently, portray diverse aspects of Hong Kong and especially the life of Victoria Harbour. Edward Stokes, co-author, with Dr Patricia Chiu of the book Lee Fook Chee’s Hong Kong, will relate the project’s story: Stokes’ fortuitous meeting with Lee, leading to their collaboration to publish a book; Lee’s and Chiu’s oral history that underpins the book; the story of Lee’s life; and, especially, Stokes’ photo-led commentary on Lee’s superb images of 1950s Hong Kong.



10月8日 (星期六) | 下午4時正至5 時正(英語) The Photographic Heritage Foundation 始創及出版人 艾思滔

身為年輕海員的李福志在1947年來到香港。如同眾多新加坡移民一樣,李福志早年的艱辛經歷使他擁有堅強意志,體現了香港人的拼搏精神。 李先生在1950年代所拍攝的相片,紀錄香港以及維多利亞港的不同風貌。這些不為人識的紀錄直至最近才為人所熟知。

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