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Sunday May 21st Island Junks Colonsay

Sunday presented a bit of a gloomy start at 0600 hrs when I leapt out of bed in anticipation of clear blue skies and crystal-clear water. The sky was not blue, it was raining. And, when has the water in HK ever been crystal clear?

Wind on the day was reported to be Easterly force 5-6 with occasion 7 so I packed my Stugeron.

Tanks had just arrived at ABC as Nic and I pulled into the ABC at 0800 hrs., thanks to DA.

Island Junks Colonsay tied up at 8.45. Super keen, we had loaded the tanks and gear and were heading out to sea by 09.10. Rob took charge of destination being as I am a relatively new DM and weather was bumpy. Stugeron had been imbibed by myself and others before boarding which was a wise move…

So, we bumped our way over the sea to Beaufort and sought shelter there for the day.

All divers declared themselves fit to dive, (even Andy N who had threatened a hangover on the day).

Gear assembled and kitted up, Nic and I plopped in at around 10.15 and headed North from the boat. Viz was remarkably decent at around 4m so torches were over kill. Mine came in handy during our last dive as Nic was a bit light and my torch is about 2Kg.

We saw some eggs ( not hens eggs) but no idea what from ( hoping our resident Vet may shed light on these later),a few nudi’s, tonnes of hermit crabs, a possible sea hare, a fabulous cuttlefish thinking he was in disguise. When he finally realised we could see him, embarrassed he shot off leaving an ink trail. Nic with her beady eye found a frog fish who happily posed for photos unashamedly. We have evidence as I know they are a rare find.

There was a lot of fishing debris, nets, pots, some sort of frame which is now covered in life, including tiny nudi’s. Water was warm and bottom times were long as we were at maximum depths of 10/11m. So, I believe it is safe to say you can pack away your dry suits now.

It was great to meet Andy Eastwood and have him dive again with us. I hope we shall see him again soon. David and Chris were doing some DL training. I gather after a few beers were exchanged later, Chris passed! Yay!

Great to see some new faces. Mike, (Andy’s mate) and his wife Sarah who, despite the weather, some surface swimming and borrowed gear challenges, seemed to have fun.

All divers back aboard and gear almost re stowed at 4.00pm we set off back to arrive promptly at 5.00pm.

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