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Hi Everyone, Here are our up-dates for this week:

  • SCDC Website Up-Dates

  • Dive Camp on Nov 12th and 13th

  • Latest Dive Schedule - New Club Dive ex Sai Kung on Saturday Sep 24th

SCDC Website Up-Dates Alex has been working hard and with lots of enthusiasm on further enhancements on our SCDC Website and we are excited to share some great new features and up-dates with you. To make sure that you won't miss any of these up-dates in the future, we will from now keep you informed in our weekly Newsletter and will also include the relevant website links for your quick and easy access. See below this week's website up-dates: - Added Blog section with latest events, reports and information to be shared. ( - Added pictures of our recent reef check under Galleries - "Conservation Projects". ( - Added pictures under Galleries - "Hong Kong Diving". ( Dive Camp on November 12th and 13th This year's SCDC Dive Camp is planned for the 12th November weekend. We'll head out with the boat on Saturday morning, do some dives, then head to a beach, set up our tents with expectedly substantial amounts of food and booze to be absorbed, stay overnight and next morning head back to the boat with possibly some more dives if we don't suffer from a hangover... ;-) Please contact Mike Belshaw , if you want to be part of this event. To get an idea what the SCDC dive camps of the last years looked like, have a glance on our website gallery too and stay tuned for further up-dates... Latest Dive Schedule With the great help of Alex (again! :-) )we found another boat we can rent for club dives leaving from Sai Kung. Diving from Sai Kung with our own chartered boat again after quite a few years offers us great dive destinations including some wrecks, lots of marine life and usually shallower and less challenging dive conditions than on the South Side of Hong Kong. At the same time we also received increased requests from members to arrange Saturday dives as well due to family and other commitments on Sundays. Of course we always want to make everyone happy and consider everyone's wishes, so here you go: Saturday Sep 24th it is!!! :-) This new boat is family-friendly, so you are very welcome to bring family members or friends if they are interested. This also applies for our club dive with Island Junks ex ABC on 11th of course! Here below is the complete September schedule: Departure Date DM Boat ABC Sunday Sep 11th Mike Belshaw Island Junks Sai Kung Saturday Sep 24th Mike Belshaw New Boat (Tso Wo Hang) Tai Po Sunday Sep 25th Mark Kelly Small Boat Please notify your relevant DM with your name, mobile number, number of tanks you'd like and your diver grade if you want to join any of the Dives. See you on Thursday at ABC!


  • It is Club policy that all divers must carry a DSMB on Club dives.

  • Anyone whose name is on the list at 10:30pm on Thursday evening prior to the dive will be charged the boat fee and for any tanks/equipment they have ordered.

  • All divers must also have their proof of qualification and dive log with them for possible inspection by the DM in order to be able to dive.

  • It is Club policy that we must have fun!


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