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Hi Everyone, we have successfully completed and in the meantime also fully recovered (I hope) from our this year's Dive Camp, which was great fun, with big thanks to the organizer Mike Belshaw. You really did a great job there!! We did some good dives including an extensive (but failed, haha!) search for a lost propeller on the second day. On the first day, after the dives, we were dropped off on the beach, focused on a quick tent and BBQ set-up and then a bunch of Super Heroes enjoyed BBQ and many many drinks until falling back into their tents, followed by some diving and a very tasty Seafood lunch on the next day until reaching back at Tso Wo Hang Pier in the afternoon. More details of the Dive Camp including pictures of proof you can find on our website, so go and check it out! Here are the topics of this week's Newsletter:

  • Website Up-Dates

  • Last Dive Of This Year

  • SCDC Xmas Party

SCDC Website Up-Dates Blog Section Information on the new Shearwater Perdix AI Dive Camp Report: Malapascua Dive Trip Report: Gallery Section Pictures of the Dive Camp: Pictures of the Malapascua Dive Trip: !!!! Last Dive Of This Year !!! Make sure to sign up and get the last chance to explore HK waters in 2016!! Departure Date DM Boat ABC Saturday Dec 3rd Jo Roberts Island Junks Please notify your DM Jo Roberts via Whatsapp under 5330 3637 with your name, mobile number, number of tanks you'd like and your diver grade by Thursday evening Dec 1st at the latest. SCDC Xmas Party on December 10th You will all have received a separate e-mail from Jo Roberts for our Xmas Party with all details required. Don't think too long and RSVP to her that you'll be a part of it. It will be a fun evening, as always!! See you on Thursday at ABC!

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