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News Flash!

Seahorse spotted at Little Palm Beach!Mark Kelly gets the golden ticket for spotting AND taking video of a seahorse in Hong Kong during the dive last Saturday at Little Palm Beach.

Oh, and a big congratulation to Cat and Scott on their first open water dive! We’re proud of you, but please forgive us if we are a bit more excited about the seahorse! It was great to see you taking your first step into the big blue. And as I told you, you will never forget your first dive… but your instructor will. Thanks, Paul!

Diving Weekend!

For those who have been begging for a Saturday dive, well, your committee listened, they discussed, they wrestled, and then they delivered. So come on, no excuses, everyone must get their head wet this weekend! Get on the list early by sending an email to the following dive dudes who might just take down your name if they can plow through their inbox before Thursday: Saturday from Tso Wo Hang (that’s in Sai Kung, for those newbies or anyone who forgot) with Mikey B. Good as our Dive Dictator and James ‘Jimmy the Gent’ Smith as his gear gangster. Send a message to and maybe he’ll get back to you. Dive Camp on November 12th and 13th This year's SCDC Dive Camp is planned for the 12th November weekend. We'll head out with the boat on Saturday morning, do some dives, then head to a beach, set up our tents with expectedly substantial amounts of food and booze to be absorbed, stay overnight and next morning head back to the boat with possibly some more dives if we don't suffer from a hangover... ;-) Please contact Mike Belshaw , if you want to be part of this event. To get an idea what the SCDC dive camps of the last years looked like, have a glance on our website gallery too and stay tuned for further up-dates... See you on Thursday at ABC!


  • It is Club policy that all divers must carry a DSMB on Club dives.

  • Anyone whose name is on the list at 10:30pm on Thursday evening prior to the dive will be charged the boat fee and for any tanks/equipment they have ordered.

  • All divers must also have their proof of qualification and dive log with them for possible inspection by the DM in order to be able to dive.

  • It is Club policy that we must have fun!


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