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HK Maritime Museum Ecosystem Exhibition

Corals: Our Underwater Living Treasures 9 June - 23 October 2016

Co-produced by Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Conservation International and Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong Together with Conservation International Hong Kong and Hong Kong University's Swire Institute of Marine Science, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum presents an exhibition exploring the rich and diverse coral ecosystem of Hong Kong and the Coral Triangle. A series of workshops and public talks will accompany this exciting and interactive display. More


珊瑚: 我們的水底活寶藏 2016年6月9日至10月23日

香港海事博物館、保護國際基金會香港與香港大學太古海洋科學研究所合辦展覽,介紹我們的海底世界,展出香港豐富多元的珊瑚生態系統和「珊瑚大三角」的概覽。這次展覽並備有一系列工作坊及公眾講座,歡迎公眾參與。 詳情

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