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Hi Everyone, Dive camp – Last call Is it a bird, Is it a bloke, no it’s Susan Belshaw….. This is your last chance to sign up for a “Super” weekend. We have a “monster” boat, a beer fridge and enough phone boxes to change into. …. By day you could be a mild mannered janitor, but quicker than a speeding bullet you are… Who are you by the way? Move away I feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter – Be a Superhero – Real or imaginary. Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th November – Departing from Tso Wo Hang at 9am – Remember to get there early for a parking space. Booze – Bring lots, as much as you can drink with extras in case. Also, each person is to bring some ice-ice baby. Booze – Bring lots – Just in case you missed the hint above. Food – Bring what you need to make it through the nigh, BBQt and possibly can face in the morning. On the food theme – Have you seen our BBQ? Answers to the name Henry, no wait a minute, that’s the vacuum cleaner. Any clues to the whereabouts of the BBQ will be greatly appreciated. Huge Reward – Your wait in Beer. For those who think I spelled “Wait” incorrectly you are wrong. We will provide beer for you to wait in. Tents – Yes you need one, unless you wish to be a mosquito magnet and keep all the flies and nocturnal blood suckers away from everyone else. Theme – Super hero’s Diving – Plan A is a two dive day and a beach landing to occupy territory for the night. The next day will be another dive for the brave, once we have packed up and a trip for seafood and lunch. Toilet facilities – Das Boot and with the bears. RSVP – To Mike at - Mike Belshaw stating your name, qualification and contact details. You ADM is Chris Roberts, who is available to discuss the trip and annoying the DM. Numbers are restricted by the size of the boat, so first come first served. The numbers are looking good. There is no excuse, a super hero is as easy as a roll of tin foil (Iron Man?), A bed sheet (invisible man) or a pair of underpants pulled over the top of a boiler suit (WTF man). The RSVP cut off for the trip is Thursday night. Last minute, names, flapping, faffing and details to be discussed then. See you on Thursday at ABC!


  • It is Club policy that all divers must carry a DSMB on Club dives.

  • Anyone whose name is on the list at 10:30pm on Thursday evening prior to the dive will be charged the boat fee and for any tanks/equipment they have ordered.

  • All divers must also have their proof of qualification and dive log with them for possible inspection by the DM in order to be able to dive.

  • It is Club policy that we must have fun!


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